Have you ever wondered where water comes from in Casa Grande? There are a half dozen water utilities providing water service inside the greater Casa Grande area including the City’s own water system.  The largest water system is Arizona Water Company. Chances are if you live in Casa Grande, you get a water bill from Arizona Water Company.

As our families and communities grow, it’s critical that we manage our demand and become more aware of the water we’re using so we can work together to build a smarter, more sustainable community of tomorrow.

Objective: Reduce our Water Usage by:



Which will provide water for 

Residents per year!

Together, we can protect Casa Grande’s future.

Our community is the first in the state to have the City government and private utility company working on a comprehensive demand management program.

To meet all the conservation requirements, the City and Arizona Water Company entered into a public-private partnership to leverage the strengths of both organizations.

Current water use in Casa Grande is around 15,600 acre-feet.  An acre-foot is enough water to serve about 4 houses each year.  In the 2030 General Plan Update, our population along with water demand is projected to double.  As a part of this partnership, the City through its 2030 General Plan update established a goal to reduce per capita water use in Casa Grande by 15% between now and 2050.  If this goal is achieved, the City will save nearly 4,600 acre-feet of water each year by 2050.

As a large part of the demand management program, in April of 2021 the City of Casa Grande and Arizona Water Company together launched SAVE IT, a public messaging campaign that provides conservation tips and resources for residents and commercial users. Every month, content is posted on a new topic, ranging from best practices for watering desert plants to drip and sprinkler irrigation maintenance. Another aspect of the demand management program is the Water Wise Outside Program, which focuses on water conservation efforts for large-scale outdoor commercial water users. Updates on the Water Wise Outside program will be posted on the SAVE IT campaign pages as available. These two programs are a part of a larger conservation effort by the City of Casa Grande and Arizona Water Company, which include ordinances, high water use notifications, water audits for residents, and a conservation-based water rate structure.  Casa Grande water users are encouraged to do their part in achieving the 15% reduction goal by following the campaign on Facebook or Instagram, visiting our local water conservation experts at local events, or sharing tips and success stories for reducing water use.


How can you help?

Our goal is to reduce our water footprint in Casa Grande by 15% to lessen our existing dependence on groundwater as a community. Saving water can be as simple as fixing a leaky faucet, a toilet leak or adjusting your irrigation schedule so that your plants are receiving the appropriate amount of water they need. Follow the SAVE IT! campaign on Facebook or Instagram to get tips and access to conservation resources. If we all do our part and save a little, we all benefit a lot!

Questions about Save It!?

Have questions about the Save It! campaign that aren’t answered on this page? Head over to our Save It! FAQs page!

Drip Irrigation & Maintenance

Drip irrigation is the best way to water your plants, shrubs and trees. Twice a year you turn your system on and walk around your property to make sure you have no hidden leaks – try it out this weekend!

Sprinklers 101

Don’t overwater your lawn; you only need to water your lawn 6-10 inches deep. Check your watering depth with a soil probe or a long screw driver and adjust your sprinkler run time accordingly!

Sprinkler Maintenance

Change your irrigation schedule at least 4 times a year. Schedule a residential water audit with AWC staff to help you determine appropriate watering schedules. If your irrigation system is due for an upgrade, consider getting High Efficiency Sprinklers; they regulate pressure and reduce evaporation rates with larger water droplettes.

Plant Watering

You can save up to 30% of your water just by properly adjusting your irrigation controller four times a year. Make sure you adjust the watering schedule every season.

Plant Watering 101

1. Don’t water too frequently or you can risk suffocating your plants in water. 2. Turn your drip system on 2x a year and walk the property to make sure the system is working properly and that there are no leaks. 3. Match plants on stations based on their watering needs so that you don’t risk over or under watering your plants.

Checking for Leaks

The EPA states that a household leak can account for upwards of 10,000 gallons of water lost every year. Make sure your home is not one of those households and check for leaks regularly!

Toilet Leaks

You can’t always hear a toilet leak. Check your toilets twice a year for leaks and get them fixed quickly.

Pool Leaks

A pool can leak anywhere from 10,000 to 60,000 gallons of water per month. Pool automatic water fillers are notorious for leaking silently. Inspect yours a few times a year and make sure it shut off when the water is at the right level.

Rainwater Harvesting

When it’s raining, don’t forget go to your controller and shut it off so your irrigation doesn’t run. (Unless you have a smart controller, then it does it for you!) Depending on how much rain we get, you can have it off for at least a week.

Free Water Audits

Contact Arizona Water Company and schedule a free resdiential water audit at your home today! Click here to find out how to schedule one.