Reduce, Reuse, Recycle it!

Sustaining Our Community

Recycling and sustainability are important to the preservation of our future in Casa Grande. Due to rising costs, the city has suspended its curbside recycling program. However, that does not mean that you cannot recycle here in Casa Grande or Pinal County.

So, Where Can You Recycle?

Here are a list of places that you CAN recycle as well as an interactive map! Keep in mind that some places will only take certain recyclable materials.

Be part of the solution

When the community needs help, its citizens always step up to the occasion. This local teacher, Rick Wilson, is coordinating recycling efforts and raising money for local food banks in the process! Check out more of the article here! If you want to get involved, visit this Facebook page for more information on where and how to recycle!

Educational Resources

Saving Raw Materials

Recycling saves us from using more raw materials every time we need something new.

Need More Space?

Recycling also helps us save space for our waste. When we throw something away it usually ends up in a landfill and takes up more space. If we recycle it, we can save land space and turn our waste into something new and useful.