Casa Grande:
Big Dreams & Beautiful Skies

Live it!

Casa Grande is bustling with economic growth — from manufacturing and distribution to the retail and service industries. This economic activity means job creation and an abundance of opportunities for entrepreneurs and people wanting to start new businesses to serve our growing population. The community also has the perfect mix of strong housing growth and affordable home prices, relative to the Phoenix area. 

Casa Grande has a mix of locally-owned businesses and a growing number of chain retailers and restaurants. Downtown Casa Grande is home to boutique retailers, local restaurants and the city’s newest attraction, the Neon Sign Park — making it a great place to grab a bite, shop and see a gorgeous sunset while taking a stroll.





Small-Town Feel

Casa Grande is a great place to live for those who work in the Phoenix area, as well. The community has plenty of local events and amenities while offering a welcomed relief from the big-city traffic and the hustle-and-bustle.

The City of Casa Grande and local organizations host dozens of events that serve people of all ages and walks of life, making it a great place to raise a family. (See a list of local events here). The City is also home to high-quality public, charter and private schools, has a community college nearby, an active Boys & Girls Clubs organization and 19 City parks.


Nothing beats a short commute

The commute from Casa Grande to downtown Phoenix is 45-minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, and about 40 minutes to most of the East Valley. It’s actually a shorter commute from Casa Grande to some areas of Phoenix than it is to commute from within the Valley. If you live and work in Casa Grande, you could expect to see this Siri notification on your iPhone: “Traffic is heavy today, expect a 9-minute commute to work.” We enjoy short commutes within our community but are conveniently around an hour away from both Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.

So with affordable housing, a superior quality of life, a small-town feel and a 15-minutes-to-anywhere commute, what are you waiting for? We have dozens of local REALTORS® who would be happy to talk to you about housing opportunities in our growing community.