Save It! FAQs

What is the Save It! Campaign?

The Save It! Campaign is a partnership between Arizona Water Company and the City of Casa Grande, intended to educate residents about water conservation and how important it is to our community’s future. You can learn more about our unique partnership, our goals, and ways you can save water on our website. Thanks for your interest and don’t forget to #SaveItCG!

Read more on our campaign landing page and feel free to follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

What are the Goals of the Campaign?

Water conservation is important for our community not just because of current and planned growth, but also because managing our water supply and demand is critical in the desert. The unique thing about our community is that water is a central component of the 2030 proposed General Land Use Plan, meaning growth decisions will be made based on the water resources already available. To create a path to sustainability, we are seeking to reduce our reliance on groundwater. This campaign is a part of a larger effort put forth by the City of Casa Grande with Arizona Water Company to use all of our water resources wisely and to reduce groundwater use as much as possible. This will ensure that we are building a sustainable community for our children and grandchildren. Learn more about Save It! on our campaign page!

I am concerned about growth in Casa Grande. How does this campaign address housing and growth issues?

We understand concerns the community may have regarding growth within Casa Grande, however, decisions made about growth are based on the city. The plans regarding growth and how the City will manage growth are explored in the Casa Grande’s 2030 General Land Use Plan, which can be viewed here. We encourage residents to review the plan to learn how the city makes decisions about growth and get involved in public meetings. In order to protect Casa Grande’s quality of life while also helping meet future water needs and grow our economy, we need to reduce reliance on groundwater, invest in sustainable water supplies, and use the water we have more efficiently. The Save It! campaign was created as an effort to help the community use water more efficiently and to ensure that current and future businesses as well as residents in Casa Grande will have enough water to achieve their dreams and goals. Find out more about the Save It! campaign here!

Does this campaign address concerns related to agriculture in Casa Grande?

Agriculture is an important part of Casa Grande’s economy and history. The General Land Use Plan has a section dedicated to Rural Land Use starting at page 61, that highlights the City’s understanding of the cultural, economic, and environmental significance of preserving rural and agricultural lands in Casa Grande. While the content and messaging of this campaign is geared towards municipal water users, there are State water supply and conservation programs directed specifically towards agriculture that we would be more than happy to provide more information on.

Is this campaign directed to just residents? What about the commercial users?

We believe that everyone’s water footprint extends beyond the home utility bill and encompasses any businesses in Casa Grande that people shop at and support. That is why this campaign is intended for both residential and commercial water users. We hope that people follow the campaign to see what resources we will be providing for commercial properties as well as residents. More information about other conservation efforts that are being implemented, such as the Water Wise Outside program, can be found on the Demand Management press release, which will be released soon.

I'm already saving water. What can I do?

Thanks for taking the initiative to be water-conscious. Every drop counts! Feel free to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages as we’ll be posting water-saving tips and sharing the successes of residents and businesses who are helping to #SaveItCG! (and feel free to share ways you are saving water on social media using the hashtag #SaveItCGsmile

Some businesses use lots of water. Isn't that counterproductive to the Save It! campaign?

Our goal is not to discourage certain businesses from operating, it’s to educate residents and businesses about ways they can save water to ensure we have a bright future. Read more about Save It! on our campaign page!

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