Leaf & Feather Farm

The Leaf and Feather Farm offers a wonderful variety of trees, shrubs and cacti, all home grown in Arizona. That means that all of our plant life is well adapted to the tough Arizona climate. In addition, you’ll find beautiful full grown specimens of trees so you can be sure you are making the best decision for your landscape. Where else can you see what your tree will grow up to be in a few years?

We have built trusting relationships with our growers which allows us to hand pick our plant life to ensure you are getting the best and largest specimen for your dollar.

Bob and Dan, the owners and operators, also happen to know a thing or two about horticulture and they love to share their knowledge. A beautiful landscape begins right here at the Leaf & Feather Farm.

Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7am – 2pm
October thru April

Leaf & Feather Farm, 50598 W. Mayer Blvd., Maricopa AZ 85239